A Jack-o-Lantern’s Mind

I’m a little pumpkin,

You picked from a vine,

So plain and quiet and boring,

But I’m supposed to represent,

All those Halloween Horrors,

And I wanna be more scary.


All those other creatures,

Goblins, monsters, and witches,

Black cats and skeletons too,

The kiddies howl and then cower in fright,

When they go “BOO!”


But me over here,

Jack-o-Lantern by name,

Just sitting on your doorstep,

Or perhaps your windowsill,

Though I’m aglow with your tealight’s flame,

Still I am lame,

And I wanna be more scary.


In my mind I am scary,

Scary as Hell,

These eyes are vicious,

They blaze like a Demon’s,

Wings sprout from this back,

And carry me high.


High on my broomstick I fly,

Like the Witch from the West,

Tonight I will give these kiddies a fright,

Laughing with glee,

They will not be,

How’s that for Halloween Horrors?


But that’s all in my head,

It’s not for real,

Like I said,

It’s just in my head.


This All Hallows Eve,

Don’t just pass me by,

I am not just a pumpkin,

I am something, someone,

Though it might be,

All in my head,

I’m something, someone.




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