Mood Seasons

Life’s issues are not your fault,

And you are worth your salt,

Whatever happens,

Whatever you’re told,

You are worth your weight in gold.


Sometimes a mind is like Summer,

There are sunny thoughts that manifest,

Until someone has the nerve,

To put a person to the test.


Each day starts out as Summer,

When you wake up from your slumber,

If you’re lucky it stays that way,

Until it’s time again to hit the hay.


Spring arrives when nothing goes your way,

Apparently today,

Just wasn’t meant to be your day,

Your coffee is cold,

That thing you wanted,

Is already sold.


But these are just unimportant matters,

Nothing that will put your life in tatters.


Fall showing up is bad,

But not as bad as it could be,

A horrid thing may happen,

It may make you sad,

Or really, really mad.


Things like money troubles suck,

Maybe someone hit your truck,

That person you thought you liked,

May have shown that they’re in fact a schmuck.


Instead of your temper flaring,

These are difficulties you may not feel like sharing,

You will likely want to be alone,

And if someone comes a-knocking,

You’ll pretend that you’re not home.


Never keep Winter bottled up,

For more reasons than one,

If someone decides,

To use you for their fun,

Or stick their nose,

Where it doesn’t belong,

By all means,

Make them feel the need to run.


You’ll go crazy if you let them,

Feel like all is well,

When it’s your mind they’re putting through hell.


You are not to be made,

To feel less than the best,

You are not to put up with,

Being told how to live,

Remember there are some things,

You should not forgive.




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