Trail Ride

It’s a sunny day,

And I can think of no better way,

To pass the time,

Than on the back,

Of this perfect Angel of mine.


Though she’s unpredictable,

A day with her could never actually be miserable,

Today she could be totally reliable,

And do anything I ask,

Or go completely wild,

And balk at the most simple task.


No one else is invited,

It’s most peaceful like that,

We’re free to amble down the twisted tree-lined paths,

Our faces feeling the wind’s drafts,

All of the anxiety,

That day-to-day struggles can build,

When we’re out here,

It gets killed.


Hours pass like minutes out here,

We’ve brought music along,

To give us some cheer,

And save for us,

This place is bare.


These horrid times when we’re apart,

I remember days like this,

They live in my mind,

And in my heart.


Stuck in different dimensions,

Each other we miss,

But we’ll be together again,

In Heavenly bliss.







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