Inspirations From Lig-Mik-Bed

The unsuccessful outcast,

The little piece of shit,

One of few labeled a piece of trash,

In a world chock-full of unrealized garbage.


You know,

The one who takes the fall,

Wishing only to blend in with the wall,

While being labeled a culprit,

Forced to take that fall,

For others’ bullshit.


The black sheep if you will,

Taking unrelenting taunting,

It seems it’s always something,

Family, friend, enemy,

It’s all the same,

I believe frenemy,

Is the proper name.


Of absolute unimportance,

Just a stupid maverick,

The face of whom,

Makes them sick.


The rebel the renegade the prodigal one,

Tries to keep under everyone’s radar,

Yet each action is noticed,

And just another reason,

To be the subject for everyone’s  fun.


The topic of lies told,

And when these falsehoods unfold,

It’s the disgraced one who’s forced to be bold,

To go out of their way,

To save their own ass,

Then is accused,

Of having no class.


Fuck these assholes,

The ones afore referred to,

As unrealized garbage,

They front behind a façade,

When they go off on their tirade,

Not giving a fuck,

That they are causing undue strife,

In another’s life.


And to these assholes,

The ones afore referred to,

As unrealized garbage,

If you are one,

Try to understand,

You’ve been seen through,

And the ‘trash’ wants no more to do with you.


Yes this one you have labeled,

As weird and not normal,

Has cut you off,

So let’s not be fake,

And think of more lies to make,

Don’t put on a show,

Just shut the fuck up and go,

You’ve been dismissed,

A backbone has grown,

And it’s now known,

You’ve always been foe.





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