If Only I Could Raise The Dead



Forever grateful I would be,

If you would but come back to me,

Haunt my life,

Make it again worthwhile,

And bring upon my lips a smile.


Feel free to be a weekend visitor,

Or a constant in my world,

I’ll take anything my friend,

Just to unite with you again.




If you feel like coming home,

I won’t tell anyone you’re here,

So next time you decide to roam,

I hope you end up near.


Don’t you worry,

Your place has been saved,

Never to be taken by another,

Now what are you waiting for,

To knock upon my door?


I’ve heard that these things happen,

And I know if you appeared again,

Wrongs would right themselves,

And this life full of desolation,

Would soon be dazzlingly bright.


It’s a sure-fire bet,

If you’d show your silhouette,

It would brighten my days,

Better than Florida’s sun rays.


If you’re waiting on an invitation,

Well here it is:

“You are invited”!

And for more than a vacation,

I’ll see that the way is lighted,

If you be sure your journey gets expedited.




3 thoughts on “If Only I Could Raise The Dead

  1. Your poems are deep and rich with feeling and subtle emotion. Your poem “If Only I Could Raise The Dead” caught my attention. I kind of sensed that you may have lost a loved one to the “enemy death” after reading your poem. And I sensed you were sad composing your beautiful poem. I could be wrong. If I am I apologize.

    Did you know the Bible speaks of a time when we will be able to see, and hold our dead loved ones in our arms again right here on a beautiful cleansed paradise earth during mankind’s coming history? Are you longing to see your loved one alive again? Do You think it’s possible? According to God’s Word the Bible it is very possible by means of a beautiful miracle called the resurrection (John 11:11-45, Isaiah 26:19, Hebrews 11:35).


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