Listen to me,

Let me guide you,

When truths try to hide from you,

Let my voice,

Help you make a choice.


I’m your gut feeling,

A part of you,

That you may not believe in,

But if you’d maybe stop to listen,

I could become the one,

On which you most depend.


I’m that impression in your mind,

That’s more like just an inkling,

Though not coming off too forceful,

My message is still powerful,

It can save you from countless circumstances,

And prevent you from taking needless chances.


When I send shivers down your spine,

It’s not just some nobody,

Feeding you a line,

Don’t discount it,

But take the warning,

To save yourself from mourning.


Proceed with caution,

When I send a premonition,

Consider seriously,

Before proceeding,

When you’re met,

With that foreboding feeling.


If you feel me in your bones,

There’s a reason for their moans and groans,

It’s paramount you pay attention,

Else your soul stop singing,

And funeral bells begin ringing.


I know I’ve raised your suspicions,

And given you a hunch,

In a bunch of situations,

When your mind seemed out to lunch,

Now here,

Accept a final warning,

Take heed,

So your eyes open come morning.

2 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. This is very instructive, constructive, and productive for intuition I think! To give voice to the un-articulated, un-explained, and un-reflected by allowing it to flow as mood, body, and spirit speaking the un-said and un-known before one even physically speaks and mentally explains what they are speaking. But they already understand through their intuition, before that understanding is explained. Like a primordial understanding through living in many moments. The affect and mood of the body, life, and spirit within the world and toward the world, taking in its in realtime everyday unarticulated experience, grounding where one’s speech and thought will go before it’s there, and will be, before it is!


    1. Like living and life announces themselves and unspeaking to each other and you’re life, body, affect, mood, and spirit is absorbing and orientating as a in realtime mediator🐶

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