Consumed By Rage

I’m chilled to the bone,

Frozen through and through,

I’m cold deep down,

Another warm Florida night,

God I wonder,

What could have caused me such a plight?


It’s the attitudes,

Which at me have been threw,

How does anyone know,

How many faces are possibly hid,

Behind the eyes of each and every ma’am and dude?


I’m shivering inside,

It boggles my mind,

Do they all think I am blind?!

Icicles are hardening my soul,

Thanks to these motherfucking trolls.

I feel the temperature of ice,

Being slowly transported through my veins,

It flows along,

And I silently scream in torture,

Oh when will this nightmare be over?

Blood so cold now,

It has turned to snow,

The flakes and drifts,

Threaten to send my mind over a cliff,

I can’t think straight,

Everything’s in a haze,

Thoughts more confusing,

Than a harvest-time corn maze.

I’m so sick of lips that lie,

And eyes that spy,

They make me scream,

And they make me cry,

My body is becoming,

A furnace of anger,

Explosion is an imminent danger,

This high heat,

Hot enough to melt bars of gold,

Has gone and turned me stone cold.

One thought on “Consumed By Rage

  1. So cold in an environment that is supposed to give warmth. So deceptive how your heart and soul was given a freezing storm within other’s sunny summer sunny days. Then eventually you are melted upon yourself frozen and chilled. Boiling and hot. To breathe. To melt the ice away and not be completely frozen alive. The fiery heat defending you from the intruding, invasive, and capturing senses weaponized upon you! To Liberate from the freezing frozen holocaust attacked upon your soul, spirit, and body with passionate raging inferno molded into productivity for your
    Life in defiance! To give back vitality to your warm blooded body imposed from a cold blooded world so you aren’t frozen into ice and not charred into burnt stone. Still and forever gone because of “people” and “them”. One read is not enough to grasp all that is and that could! I’m still learning!


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