Morbid Life Of A Snowflake

One small flake,

In the first fallen snow,

How will my life go?

Will I stay where I landed?

Or get blown by a blizzard,

Into the city,

Where fumes can make me unpretty?


The life of a snowflake,

Can be horrid or blessed,

From that first fallen snow,

Are any flakes left,

At the end of the season?

Or did they all disappear,

Seemingly without reason?


Some of us die off in a week,

The weather warms,

Making us weak,

And then it’s off,

To that final sleep.


Others land on a car,

After falling so far,

Our lives end in a flash,

Crushed by tires or wipers,

How fast it is over,

As if eaten by vipers.


It’s scary to think,

We could land on a hidden stair,

And get crushed by the boot,

Of whoever resides in that lair.


I hope I get lucky,

I hope when I fall,

I fallĀ  in a yard,

Untouched by things sucky.


Maybe then someone will shape me,

Into a ball,

And after I’m smashed,

I can peacefully rest,

Where I may fall.


Perhaps a child will form me,

Into a fort,

And until Springtime I’ll be,

His secret resort.


A little girl may get the notion,

To make a snowman,

Part of him I will be,

And avoid the trash can.


Anything to escape the plow truck,

And get pushed into a bank,

Then turn into muck,

From snow white to slate grey,

On the side of a highway.


And when temperatures rise,

But before flowers bloom,

My life is over,

It’s time for our doom.





Food For Thought

Inside my fucked up head,

Many things get said,

Why is that man called Ted?

Why does she wear the color red?


Inside my fucked up head,

The thoughts go on and on,

Why is a baby deer a fawn?

Why do horses eat the lawn?


Inside my fucked up head,

Oh the thoughts that cross my mind,

Why do watermelons have a rind?

Why are good people so hard to find?


Inside my fucked up head,

The wheels are always turning,

Why are schools made for learning?

Why are politicians so greedy about earning?


Inside my fucked up head,

Lots of crazy thoughts abound,

Why are innocents locked in the pound?

Why are wack jobs free to roam around?


Inside my fucked up head,

All these thoughts are swimming,

Why is baseball played in innings?

Why do some have trouble winning?


Inside my fucked up head,

Thoughts float freely everywhere,

Why is that thing a polar bear?

Why does that boy not have a care?


Inside my fucked up head,

All sorts of thoughts do linger,

Why did she become a singer?

Why does he deserve my middle finger?


Inside my fucked up head,

There are even thoughts in limbo,

Why is a blonde assumed a bimbo?

Why is there a doggie looking out that window?


Everything that’s said,

Inside my fucked up head,

I hope one day my mind,

Will finally unwind,

Hopefully before I’m dead,

Inside my fucked up head.