Afterlife Daydream

By and by,

When I die,

My biggest hope,

Is to become a Ghost.


As death does not end life,

Becoming a Ghost,

I could live forever,

Causing harmless strife.


Yes when I die,

That’s what I want most,

Is to become a Ghost.


If I was a Ghost,

What would I do?

You bet your ass,

I would haunt you.


I’d have to first be sure,

To hunt for those who once wronged me,

Work before play,

You know what they say.


Revenge I would seek,

You bet I would find you,

Then what I endured,

You yourself would experience,

No less than times two.


After retribution has been inflicted,

An eye for an eye,

To all the mean guys,

This life after death,

Would be a shit ton of fun,

Forever and ever,

Until the afterworld’s end.


I’d do things like lace the tea,

Of an overly virtuous person,

With just a little bit of whiskey,

For absolutely no reason,

And I’d make it a point,

To change someone’s Christmas decorations,

To some meant more for the Halloween season.


Just humorous pranks,

Such as switching the lights off and on,

At the home of some skank,

Or stopping an elevator,

With a haughty person inside,

Scaring them so they’d scream,

And wound their pride.


I’d execute tricks kind of creepy,

Like screw with a bartender,

When their back is turned,

I’d uncover all the bottles,

At some popular Tiki,

Next I’d drain the gas tank to strand,

A customer there who’s perverted and freaky.


Only time will tell,

If I get to become,

What I’d like most,

If I get to become a Ghost.


I bet if it’s here I stay,

So much fun will be had,

Years will go by like days.




















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