Lovely II

Second book about Lovely, a ghost pony.  Free download with Kindle Unlimited…….sorry it is much too long to post the story itself on a blog…..

Grandpa Joe’s Successor

I am The Ghost Of The Railroad Tracks,

All of you travelers,

Had better watch your backs.


I’m fairly new to the Haunting profession,

And though I did well with my lessons,

Something meant for fun,

Could turn as deadly as a loaded gun.


So you can better understand,

First here’s some history,

About little ol’ me.


Not all Ghosts are manifestations,

Of the departed dead,

Showing up as apparitions,

Full of ill intentions.


I was born as one,

The same as you were born as human,

I have a Ghost Ma,

And a Ghost Pa,

Plus one annoying sister,

Who bats her eyes,

And says ‘ooh la la’.


My family lives,

On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks,

Dead center through there runs,

The Railroad Tracks themselves,

Opposite us and to the South,

Lies The Left Side Of The Tracks.


Us Wrong Siders,

We are mostly good folk,

Although those Left Siders,

Will tell you we’re a joke.


All of us live in The Village,

The one just North of Town,

That seems to humanity,

Empty and run-down,

But to us,

It’s a true home-town.


We grow up similar to people,

Except we are invisible,

I guarantee before I told you that,

None of you,

Even knew,

We are there,

Though we are,

Among you everywhere.


I am now an adult Ghost,

Ma and Pa threw a party for me,

They’ve always been,

First-rate hosts,

Everybody to me made a toast,

And now in Haunting the Tracks I’m engrossed.


Some of us get easy jobs,

Such as Haunting Things That We Ourselves Don’t Do,

Human activities,

Such as eating and sleeping and bathing,

They are of a great interest to us,

So Haunting them does not take,

Much brainwork for creativity.


Somehow I got,

The gig for the Railroad Tracks,

And not to express negativity,

But this post has been empty,

Since Grandpa Joe died,

And that has been a long while,

I have some big shoes to fill,

Which will take substantial skill,

That man was a brilliant Haunter,

He was very sly and wily.


I’d like very much to take after Grandpa,

He had some top-notch tricks up his sleeve,

Sure to leave the Railroad’s passengers,

Either scared or peeved,

So far,

I believe,

I’ve come up with some things,

That would have him pleased.


In times past,

Never a train passed,

That Grandpa didn’t leave,

Someone feeling aghast,

Oh Hell yes,

He gave them a fear,

That was sure to last.


“AAAAAHHHHHHH” came the scream,

It was terrifically loud,

And woke the sleeping passenger beside her,

From his dreams,

That was caused by me,

It was my first solo Haunting,

She was drinking coffee,

Fighting off the hail to slumber,

So I sidled up beside her,

And blew bubbles in her coffee,

While my hand yanked down quickly on her ear.


I’ve got plans tonight,

For the Five O’clock Train,

I will make one traveler’s eyes see freezing rain,

Just while he goes the mile,

Through the center of our Village,

For all others,

The sky shall remain bright and sunny,

Then when he goes crazy,

They’ll all bet their money,

The One did not experience,

Something legendary.


I wonder how mean it would be,

To jump inside the front car,

And fast grab some young’un,

Tell the child “Shush I’m a friend”,

Then dart to the end,

Oh the laugh I would get,

When the parent would run,

After the little angel,

They sure would not understand,

That it’s just tradition,

And no harm was meant to be done,

It’s really all in fun.


I’d like to one day master,

Materializing as an apparition,

Then stand on these Tracks,

While the Train’s a-comin’,

Looking like a young man tempting fate,

Then when the conductor startles,

And activates his brake,

A fool of him I will make,

I will disappear,

As he’s looking witless,

Stuttering and trembling with fear.


If I could produce a rain of rocks,

Seeming to fall from above,

Then go from side to side,

Crossing over the roof,

Like in a juggler’s pattern,

I’d really love,

To see them all freak out,

Whining and yelling,

Scared out of their minds,

But by the time they go telling,

Of their Supernatural Adventure,

I’d have snapped up their proof,

That there’s really a spook.


You don’t have to believe in me,

The Ghost Of The Railroad Tracks,

But if you choose to travel by rail,

Don’t take this route,

Because I will not fail,

And Lord only knows,

If you will make it out.
















Ghost Dog

I’m here and I’m there,

I’m really everywhere,

I’m the Ghost Dog,

Traveling all around you,

As a paranormal fog.


Few have seen the real  me,

As I died back in ’70,

But sometimes I am revealed,

If I notice you,

And you hold me any appeal.


I have traveled the country of my birth,

From Bangor to L.A.,

The reactions I get from those who see me,

Often leave me doubled over with mirth.


I spend my nights,

At fancy five-star resorts,

I like staying in suites,

Numbered one-thirteen,

But I’ll use two-thirteen,

As a last resort.


I stay for free,

‘Cuz when I float through the door,

They can’t see me,

Sneaking across their lobby floor.


I like to take a bubble bath,

In the relaxing Jacuzzi hot tub,

Then prowl the kitchen for dinner,

Quietly though,

So as not to cause a hubbub.


I’ll then float down the halls,

And out the exit,

I’m headed to the Tiki,

To snag me some fireball.


Daytime is even better,

It’s so interesting,

I go to dog parks,

And make friends who wear sweaters.


The doggies can see me,

But their owners cannot,

While we jump and growl in play,

All they see,

Is one pup on a leash,

Who’s for naught acting crazy.


This amuses me greatly,

Especially this one little old lady,

She one time shrieked at her fur baby,

“Misty stop it!, or I’ll tell Daddy”!


Silly things like this,

Make me pleased to be stuck,

Among those forever dwelling,

In an afterlife,

Spent neither in Heaven or in Hell.


It’s not often I materialize,

As an apparition,

But when I do,


For I am quite the vision.


I am shiny red and pretty,

With bright brown eyes,

From time to time,

I lay at the foot of a bed,

So when someone awakes,

They have a surprise.


I suppose I’ll go on,

Decade after decade,

Each day busying myself,

With charming others,

From dusk until dawn.







Afterlife Daydream

By and by,

When I die,

My biggest hope,

Is to become a Ghost.


As death does not end life,

Becoming a Ghost,

I could live forever,

Causing harmless strife.


Yes when I die,

That’s what I want most,

Is to become a Ghost.


If I was a Ghost,

What would I do?

You bet your ass,

I would haunt you.


I’d have to first be sure,

To hunt for those who once wronged me,

Work before play,

You know what they say.


Revenge I would seek,

You bet I would find you,

Then what I endured,

You yourself would experience,

No less than times two.


After retribution has been inflicted,

An eye for an eye,

To all the mean guys,

This life after death,

Would be a shit ton of fun,

Forever and ever,

Until the afterworld’s end.


I’d do things like lace the tea,

Of an overly virtuous person,

With just a little bit of whiskey,

For absolutely no reason,

And I’d make it a point,

To change someone’s Christmas decorations,

To some meant more for the Halloween season.


Just humorous pranks,

Such as switching the lights off and on,

At the home of some skank,

Or stopping an elevator,

With a haughty person inside,

Scaring them so they’d scream,

And wound their pride.


I’d execute tricks kind of creepy,

Like screw with a bartender,

When their back is turned,

I’d uncover all the bottles,

At some popular Tiki,

Next I’d drain the gas tank to strand,

A customer there who’s perverted and freaky.


Only time will tell,

If I get to become,

What I’d like most,

If I get to become a Ghost.


I bet if it’s here I stay,

So much fun will be had,

Years will go by like days.




















Lady Lou, Where Are You?

Is she gone?

Has she moved on?

Is she up there,

Living as an Angel,

Basking for eternity,

In Heaven’s untainted air?


Perchance she is here,

Surviving as a Ghost,

Among the Living Dead,

Here to watch over me,

If I get in over my head.


Can an Angel do both?

Could she be up There,

Then just like that switch planes,

And come down here?


Or does that mean she’s Undead,

To talk to me as she does,

Through dreams at night,

When I’m asleep in bed?


Outside it was stormy,

Irma was on her way,

She was supposed to wreak havoc,

The very next day.


Unable to pick up a phone,

She came to me on her own,

To give me some assurance,

During this dreaded natural occurrence.


So somehow there I was,

Walking through a barn,

It was an unknown time,

And an unknown place,

But she turned to me,

And without a doubt,

That was her perfect face.


The surroundings were just white,

Not dull at all,

It was remarkably bright,

Sort of like Heaven is depicted,

On a television show,

And the left side had standing stalls,

All lined up in a row.


I cannot recall,

Entering that barn,

I just remember suddenly appearing,

In a place surrounded by pure white,

Then I took one step ahead,

And tried to figure out,

Just where was I,

And why was I here,

In the middle of this night?


At first my mind was blank,

Then swiftly came one random thought,

For some reason unknown to me,

I was supposed to pick out a pony.


So I pointed to a chestnut butt,

And was just about to say something,

What and to whom I do not know,

When in the neighboring stall,

A bright yellow-orange light,

Started to glow.


Even in my sleepy state I felt the shock,

When that glow said in Her deep voice,

“I’m still here, you know”,

And upon a glance I saw,

Her form outlined within that glow.


Then on that dream someone hit the brake,

And from that place,

I jolted awake,

Was it a dream,

Or was  it like it seemed,

Is she in Heaven,

And was I with her There?


Be she Angel or Ghost,

It seems she saved me,

For the first thing I heard,

When I jolted awake,

Was ‘The storm has moved eastward,

You’re out of harms way’.


And that little horse-pony,

She’s not changed a bit,

I see she’s still jealous,

And prone to throw fits.


‘Cuz I did not miss her angry glare,

Or the disapproving tone to her voice,

When she told me she’s still here,

As if I was cheating on her,

With that chestnut There.


Whether an Angel waiting in Heaven,

Or a Ghost here invisible but beside me,

Though she’s far away,

It’s clear she’s not gone anywhere,

Now I’m left to wait and wonder,

When that crazy mare,

Will contact me again.