Eternal Mouse

I am Mandy Mouse,

And this is such a lovely house,

Though I’m unknown to my host,

To her,

I propose a toast.


I was born a normal mouse,

The nest was deep inside a log,

That lay on the outskirts,

Of a squishy smelly bog.


Being the black sheep of that horde,

I had brothers and sisters,

Who all thought that they were Lord.


Of this I soon grew bored,

So I left behind that log,

As well as that squishy smelly bog,

And that was when I scored.


I was ambling along,

Humming me a real sweet song,

When a cat jumped down from a tree,

Landing right in front of me.


I made a rapid turn,

Moving swiftly to my right,

Hoping to avoid,

A disastrous fight.


Good fortune was with me,

For then I did see,

Maybe a foot or so ahead,

A rodent-sized hole,

At the base of that tree.


So I made a beeline,

And avoided that feline,

And though I sensed it following me,

There was no way,

For it to get into that tree.


I’m sure that kitty thought he was scary,

But in here I was relaxed,

And free of any worry.


As my eyes regulated to the darkness,

I spied a pretty plant,

A force seemed to compel me to it,

I could see it was special,

Even from afar,

And with the light being so scant.


I walked slowly to this plant,

That stupid cat forgotten,

Then true to my kind,

I stood quiet as a mouse,

All the while the phrase ‘I need to eat it’,

Kept running through my mind.


It seemed a shame to devour,

Such an appealing flower,

But at last I could resist no more.


I ate that pretty flower,

With its pink polka dots and neon leaves,

Then I fell in a heap,

And went to sleep.


Upon awakening,

I could not believe my eyes,

Oh my God,

Just look at my size!


To my delight,

I was magnified times ten,

Maybe even more,

I now weighed pounds instead of ounces,

It would seem I’m now big enough to wear flounces.


As I lay there imagining,

Me in fetching clothes and ribbons,

There to me a fairy appeared,

And though she looked to be ever so good,

My, this was getting weird!


She opened her mouth and said pleasantly,

“You are now big enough,

To not always be prey,

You will always live to see,

Another day”.


After saying these words,

With a poof she was gone,

Leaving me to ponder,

If she was the fairy she seemed,

Or a disguised evil spawn.


By now that horrid feline was long gone,

It was time I stirred and rose to my feet,

Though I knew not,

My exact destination,

I was aware that wherever it was,

My previous life would certainly be beat.


So up I got,

Then like magic,

The rodent-sized hole,

Opened up to accommodate,

My new size,

And then out I went,

Assuming my walk,

Under the clear blue skies.


On and on I went,

Until at last I came upon a settlement,

Too small to be a metropolis,

But bigger than a town,

And presently I got a feeling,

This is where I should settle down.


I stayed along the fringes,

Foraging for food,

While waiting on sundown,

When it would be safe,

For a jumbo mouse,

To go looking for a house.


My belly full of food,

I was in such a jolly mood,

On my way to the residential quarter,

Passing through the heart of the city,

I noticed a store,

Selling clothes that could make me feel pretty.


It was time to get some flounces,

And sturdy shoes to walk the miles,

I’d go in and find some styles,

That would work for me.


This magic thing was great,

Just as I began to contemplate,

How I’d get into a closed store,

In the wall appeared a me-sized door.


Once inside I went from rack to rack,

Putting things inside a sack,

Pretty dresses, hats, and walking shoes,

All this stuff for free,

Was a deal too good to refuse.


I left that place through the magic door,

Feeling proud and dressed so smartly,

I lifted the sack,

Onto my back,

And when I took a last glance,

Over my shoulder,

That magic door,

Was no more.


It was looking like,

That fairy was for real,

She was no evil spawn,

That flower granted me,

The gifts of magic powers,

And life eternally.


I next hit up a bakery,

Adding goodies to my sack,

After that a grocery store,

Where nuts and fruits and vegetables,

Were then put into the pack.


I then headed to the zone,

Where people make their homes,

In search of the perfect place,

To start my never-ending years,

Somewhere free of anything,

That might cause me tears.


I passed first some condominiums,

Another mile and I saw a trailer park,

Still farther on was a fancy gated community,

But none of these gave me a feeling,

That they were the place for me.


So still on and on I wandered,

Until I came upon this house,

Entirely perfect for a mouse.


It’s this place I now reside,

An old fashioned kind of dwelling,

A big, big farm,

That immediately captivated me with its charm.


I use my magic powers,

To sneak from room to room,

Sometimes I go outside,

And look around with pride,

At this lovely place,

This place where I reside,

Though no one knows my face.


A couple years I’ve been here now,

It’s owned by a Grand Lady,

Who was born in Haiti.


Unknowingly crumbs drop at her feet,

And the minute she’s gone,

They are mine to eat.


Everything I’ll ever need is here,

This Lady from Haiti provides for me well,

I live like a queen,

While remaining unseen.


When outside I snack,

There’s animal feed aplenty,

I’ve never a need,

To store food in my pack.


I bathe in the pond,

With the ducks I’ve formed a bond,

And when I get weary,

Of the same ol’ same ol’,

I take a midnight stroll,

I head into the city,

And come back with stacks,

Of new clothes in a sack.


I am Mandy Mouse,

I live the high life now,

Thanks to this Lady from Haiti,

Though she does not know,

That she is my host,

To her,

I propose a toast.































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