Actually, You Suck

Mind your business,

You piece of shit,

Too bad for you,

If  you don’t like it,

It’s my life to live,

And not one fuck is given,

About your opinion.


Not being traditional,

Does not warrant a pill,

I think you may just need to chill,

You are not superior,

Just stop being so bossy,

If you don’t want me to act so saucy.


My calling is not good enough,

To you it just screams trashy,

God forbid I’m unlike you,

An idiot I must be,

Since I’m lacking your degree,

I guess that must mean,

I could never be ‘perfect’ like you,

You’re just so fuckin’ classy.


You assume yourself a saint,

For choosing silence over sound,

On your temper you put a restraint,

Your logic says you appear angelic,

For leaving opinions unsaid,

But I see through this false front you paint,

I see that you’re a prick.


I have a problem,

It must be solved with option A or option B,

You insist I should be just like you,

By choosing option C,

But C does not exist for me,

And behind closed doors,

I know your life does not flow smoothly,

Like the false front you paint,

For outsiders to see.


A loser you say,

You have this,

I do not have that,

I can see what you’ve got,

You forget I am not blind,

And I can use my own mind,

Here that thing is just not wanted,

And to me that ‘awesome’ thing,

It’s just stupid shit,

So be mad,

Feel hate,

I know all about,

The false front that you paint.


What I have my hands have earned,

How it’s spent will be my choice,

As will be anything you hear,

Uttered by my voice,

I do not strive to be a saint,

And a false front I will not paint.


Do not expect my sympathy,

Next time Karma comes a-knocking,

You talk shit about me,

When I have a calamity,

I like seeing the tables turned,

Maybe you’ll wake up with newfound empathy.
















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