Valentines Day

I’m sick of bitches bitching,

They’re really grating on my nerves,

On and on they grumble,

As out of their mouths,

Crazy shit does tumble.


“I’ve got no Valentines Day date”,

“I received no candy and no flowers”,

“I’m a loser ‘cuz I’m all alone”,

These are annoying things they say,

When they piss and moan,

About this so-called holiday.


How pathetic to feel,

That single equals worthless,

All because on this day,

You were not showered with,

A ton of meaningless gifts.


Some taken bitches bitch too,

About this petty shit,

They get all agitated,

Their appetite for unimportant things is never sated.


Poor, poor her,

She was not wined and dined,

Or showered with things fine,

He did not book a getaway,

Specifically to celebrate,

This so-called holiday,

Now she’s bawling like a calf,

Hating her other half.


I’m sorry for you,

If you are the type,

That looks forward to this day,

Along with all the hype.


I’ll just sit back and relax,

And chuckle at these dim-witted quacks,

As I am of the opinion,

That there is no reason for today to be celebrated,

It’s altogether overrated.




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