What Do You Wish For?

At a hidden beach house near Key West,

Lives a tiger known as Sir Sadie,

Laying on white sand,

He naps on a towel,

Wearing only a scowl.


Scaring vacationers,

With a growl most foul,

And watching their fruity drinks fizz,

Are pastimes of his.


With the power vested in him,

By the Queen Of The Fishes,

Once each day,

He must grant someone three wishes.


So long as he’s near the ocean,

If you find him first,

He can put your most unfathomable,

Desires in motion.


But lazy Sir Sadie,

And his growl most foul,

Have most running like scared babies,

My God,

The way they are running,

You’d think he has rabies!



If you’re a wuss,

And scared of this puss,

Be brave!

He’s just ol’ Sir Sadie,

Who knows his growl most foul,

Will cause a fuss,

Allowing him to be lazy.


If no one can get near,

Without first racing off in fear,

He can lay there on his towel,

Sneering and leering,

Instead of doing his job,

Of granting your wishes,

As he’s been ordered to do,

By the Queen Of The Fishes.


You could conceivably get lucky,

And head to this beach,

When he’s ’round the back,

Napping on his porch,

Seeking some reprieve,

From the sun’s scorch.


If you sneak up from behind,

And rub his back just so,

He’ll wake up with a smile,

And stretch out all his toes.


Once you get past his ever-present scowl,

And growl most foul,

He’s really not that bad,

And could even be considered,

As a friendly fellow.


Now grab those wishes while you can,

While he’ll afford you them with a smile,

Instead of with that growl most foul.


You can wish for anything,

From a ten-foot chocolate cake,

To a castle with a pot of gold,

Beside a pretty lake.


It’s too bad no one has yet thought,

To wish that all the world,

Would come into contact with Sir Sadie,

If we could all have a shot at three wishes,

For sure lots of crime would vanish,

And an abundance of good would flourish.



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