Precipitation Won’t Kill You

Is there anything worthwhile about the rain?

You ask because there is the fact,

That it can be a fuckin pain,

While rain can bring on dreariness,

To you I must confess,

That from it yes,

There is much to gain.


Up in the White Mountain State,

Me and her would sit and watch it fall,

From the barn,

In a cozy stall,

So much for a ride,

Because lightning just struck,

And then thunder boomed,

But when it was over,

It would cause her yummy grass to bloom.


Memories get made by many,

When snow falls aplenty,

Nothing really can compare,

To a snow day that is issued,

When the rain falls hard,

And then hits one of those,

Cold pockets of air.


Ponds and streams,

Throughout woods and jungles,

Tastes as grand as ice cream,

To those wild and free,

Now tell me,

Without any rainfall,

Just where would they be?


It’s a hot summer day,

You’re craving the beach,

Down by the bay,

And as you’re there de-stressing in the sun,

You think to yourself,

“Wouldn’t it be downright delightful,

If each day was this bright,

I wouldn’t mind a couple years’ worth,

Of days just like today”,

But imagine if you will,

A dry, dry Earth,

Never having any rain,

Meaning no water and no bay,

Now you see how all that sunshine,

Would probably cost you your favorite pastime.


Well now,

That’s been put into perspective,

I hope the rain now gets,

At least a wee bit of fuckin respect.









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