Uh-Oh, The Secret Cookies Are Now For Sale

Behind the grassy clearing,

Where the unsuspecting tend to fall prey,

To the Big Black Bear,

Demonic Dominic,

There lies a wondrous place,

Known as Sugar Cookie Cavern,

It’s an old-fashioned sort of place,

And smiles cover every face,

At least they did,

Until today.


Under normal circumstances,

No one will stumble upon this quaint little town,

For to cross the clearing,

You would have to pass Demonic Dominic,

Who will surely scare you off or take you down.


Somehow though,

Some unexplainable way,

Her Highness Naughty Ness,

Has found the way.


It’s in a big, big cave,

When entering you will see a twisted path,

Which leads into this town,

That is hidden away,

And it was always a fucking fortress,

Until she came to govern it,

Her Highness Naughty Ness.


Such a charming, charming place,

At one time full of grace,

Until along came Naughty Ness,

And wiped the smile from each face.


Picture this,

Everything sparkles and dazzles,

With every color ever,

Radiated from a prism,

The grass grows neon,

And frosted cookies instead of flowers,

Sprout over every lawn.


People were content,

No work and all play,

That was basically their way,

Until that fateful day,

When along came She,

Her Highness Naughty Ness.


Their ancient barter system is no more,

She shook this town,

To the core,

When she changed their ways,

And painted it with frowns.


Ever since this place was new,

Things were there to take,

Whether they were made or grew,

It was free,

If from a plant or a tree,

And they liked to trade,

Things that they made.


The sky was always clear,

Sunshine permeated the place,

Until the day there was no trace,

Of the warmth and happiness,

This happened the day that She blew in,

Her Highness Naughty Ness.


Being sneaky,

She keeps hidden away,

In a castle she’s built,

High on a hill,

She hates being seen,

But boy is she,

Fucking mean,

She’s got a deep love for the green,

And will come by it,

Through any means.


Whoa now!

Don’t dare eat that cookie!

Though it was grown,

On land that you own,

It’s got purple icing,

And is needed on a tray,

For Her to ship off,

Right away.


She sells off their things,

For fancy gowns and rings,

From their exports,

She’s got herself a fine monetary source,

But for the lifelong residents,

Of Sugar Cookie Cavern,

This is becoming detrimental,

And they must put a stop,

To Her evil pattern.


She makes them pay,

For imported goods,

Their peaceful way of life,

She has cut it like a knife.


There are loaves of bread,

That hang from branches of each tree,

But they are no longer free,

You will pay Her,

One dozen frosted cookies for a loaf,

Or for you,

There will be no toast.


This self-proclaimed queen,

She insists the more worldly ways are for their own good,

She tries to make them ‘civilized’,


She’s all about the green,

So she doesn’t see,

This is no prize.


For since the start of this place,

Sugar Cookie Cavern,

Has been a place of paradise,

Not mingling with general society,

Makes them happy as a gambler,

Who rolled sevens on a pair of loaded dice.


Through Her trades with the Outsiders,

The secret of their home,

Is about to be leaked,

She must be stopped,

Before it is squeaked.


They all had a meeting,

To save this blissful place,

And one man decided,

“What more could I lose”?

Then he put on his walking shoes,

And headed for the mouth of their Cave,

All agreed,

That he is fucking brave.


Old Adam went searching,

For Demonic Dominic,

He sat on a boulder,

Waiting and waiting,

His mission was impossible,

To converse with That Bad Bear,

Befriend him so he will agree,

To take out Naughty Ness,

Even if he must,

Drag her out by her hair.


Once he realized,

Old Adam was in his field,

He came out and slunk up,

Behind that huge rock on which he sat,

Ready to smash him like a glass cup,

He assumed his life he would take,

Yes in his mind,

Old Adam was already fucking gone.


About to take that final step,

The one to make him close enough,

In which Old Adam’s life he could snuff,

He sure got a shock,

When the man turned around,

And stared him down,

From atop that big ol’ rock.


It stopped Him in His tracks,

Never before had the Demon Bear,

Seen anyone dare,

To look him in the eye,

As he tried to catch them unaware,

And sentence them to die.


“You there!

You evil asshole of a bear!

Just beyond your field,

Inside that old cave,

Is my peaceful community,

We are asking for your help,

Ridding us of Naughty Ness,

I’m begging you to save our fortress,

Please help us take her out,

She has ruined our town,

And forced us to bow down,

To her haughty crown”.


It happened for Old Adam,

Though it most likely never will for anyone again,

That day he made a friend,

Of Demonic Dominic.


Together they walked to the cave,

And crossed the threshold,

Into Sugar Cookie Cavern,

Where they saw all the town’s peoples,

Awaiting their return.


There was some skepticism,

In colluding with the Demon Bear,

Trust issues you know,

As he is ordinarily everyone’s foe,

But it was recognized,

That indeed this was the only way,

For Naughty Ness to forever go away.


Late one night,

Soon after his arrival,

All the plans were finally in place,

First the Bear made her feel compelled,

Then made his way back to his hovel,

Where he waited on her,

She would be in a trance,

Unable to put up a fight.


The very next day,

She felt a strong need to walk away,

She walked out much calmer than she blew in,

And then Demonic Dominic,

Made her his next sin.


A celebration ensued,

When it became obvious,

That Her Highness Naughty Ness,

Was never by them to be seen again,

Then Sugar Cookie Cavern,

Was once more a captivating place,

Charming and full of grace.


Once more everyone and everything is free,

They are hidden away,

And that is endlessly,

How they shall stay.













Bad, Bad Bear!

Somewhere out there,

There lives a Teddy Bear,

And he’s dominated by the spirit,

Of Demonic Dominic.


This Big Black Bear is black as night,

And he does not live life right,

Those sweet-looking glass brown eyes,

They are his disguise,

They make him seem,

Sweet as pie,

But really he’s on a mission,

A mission to make someone die.


The agenda those eyes do conceal,

Is one you’d never guess,

To be fair,

He is a teddy bear,

Not one that’s usually suspected,

Of causing a deadly ordeal.


But that face hides more crime,

Than any poker face,

Seen on the Vegas Strip,

So if you happen about,

And you notice this Black Bear,

Please, turn around!

And please, pick up your pace!


Normally he is encountered,

Deep inside a forest,

At one of those alluring clearings,

Where the unsuspecting navigate,

When they need to find some calm,

And when they need to get their bearings.


If your troubled soul,

Has in fact sought out his clearing,

I hope you’re ready for your life to end this night,

Because he’s been on a roll,

And you showing up,

Has brought him delight.


He is there in hiding,

And until he’s ready,

Black Bear’s face you will not see,

You’ll never know this bear is spying.


As you sit and contemplate,

Whatever plight has brought you here,

He’ll be creeping closer,

‘Til finally you notice he is there.


Distraught as you were,

When you made your way into his clearing,

It will not surprise him,

That you did not notice him nearing.


And when finally you look up,

You’re in a calmer state of mind,

And you really notice your surroundings,

But you notice nothing,

That should not be around,

There are trees and there is grass,

And a carelessly discarded toy,

A few feet before the rock,

Where you have parked your ass.


Now you are fucked,

You’re shit out of luck,

Assuming that toy means no harm,

Was your last mistake,

Because your life he means to take.


It’s too bad you do not know,

That your life’s at stake,

Because as of now,

There’s still time to make a break.


As he lays there on the grass,

Those glass eyes are watching you,

To see if you will take your leave,

Or if your life he can thieve.


He watches you go back,

To being detached,

Yet still you’re unaware,

That there’s a life in there,

And you’re also unknowing,

Of the reason he is there,

It’s too bad you do not know,

That it’s time for you to go.


So many before you,

Came to this clearing to unwind,

They just needed a little while,

To find their mind,

So again they might smile,

Then never were they heard from again,

As if they vanished into thin air,

All because they went There.


What looks like an old forgotten plaything,

Like a cute and fuzzy teddy bear,

Is actually demonic,

It’s dominated by a spirit,

Who wishes never to depart,

Dominated by the spirit,

Of Demonic Dominic.


Now Black Bear is laughing,

Laughing in his head,

For him to stay,

You must go away,

Now the time has come,

For him to pounce,

He needs to feed,

From a naughty deed,

He needs to see you dead.